Terms of Service

These terms and conditions with privacy and cookie policies govern the Expertiise.com Freelance Services provided through our website, www.expertiise.com. Continued use of this site and any service provided herein constitutes complete acceptance of all terms, which we reserve the right to update at any point. It will be up to you to stay abreast of any changes to these terms. If a change is made, a notice will be given at the top of the terms for a limited time to draw attention to the change and it will be considered immediately effective upon its writing and posting on this page.

  1. The Service

www.expertiise.com operates a platform that links Buyers to Freelancers of various services.


Freelance Services

Expertiise.com Freelance Services offered through this site might be either fixed rate or charged and invoiced by the hour or other time period agreed between Buyer and seller among the listed options. Services offered on this site will be referred to as ‘Projects’. This website acts as a medium only and cannot guarantee that any offer is accepted by any individual, either from or to a Buyer or seller. All agreements made on Projects in relation to fee and time period, as well as expected outcome, will be between parties.

Expertiise.com Freelance Services website operates an escrow account which funds will be held in while the Project is underway. When the Project is commenced, funds will be paid to escrow, and the Buyer is responsible for clarifying all requirements at the outset of the workstream between parties.

Freelancers are required to deliver the work within agreed times as defined by the Client at the outset, either in the offer or the workstream. Freelancers are responsible for providing regular progress updates to the Client as agreed between parties at the commencement of the Project.

Work agreed must be delivered, and payment agreed must be released. Clients and Freelancers must follow through on their agreements within the contractual arrangement they enter into with other parties on this site.

Late delivery of work will result in a penalty on the Freelancer’s account. Responses to Client request for progress reports should not be longer than one working day. Project cancellations will be penalised as will be refunds caused by any cancellation without just reason. Freelancers must be allowed to provide two iterations if needed to complete the Project to the Client specifications. This requires that the Client respond to the Freelancer with a list of changes they require, or with a tracked change document marking areas which need to be addressed. Clients are responsible to provide such instruction to the Freelancer or the escrow will be paid to the Freelancer by default.

After the Project is completed, Freelancers can raise an invoice to release the escrow, which Clients must release if the work is completed. Disputes can be raised by the Client if the work is not to agreed requirement, and Freelancers will be given an opportunity to respond to the dispute in full. Dispute filings will incur a fee equivalent to 10% of the value of the Project in dispute and must be paid for prior to the dispute being processed. The decision by the site in cases of a dispute are final to both parties.

Invoices must be paid for within 7 days of receipt or the site will release the funds to cover the invoice from the escrow by default.


Funds are only held in escrow by the website for the sole purpose of settling the provision of services and specific invoices between parties. The site is not a bank, and as such, Users cannot hold dormant balances for more than thirty days without the balance being refunded by default.Www.expertiise.com reserves the right to charge administrative fees on each invoice, and on any dormant balance non-refundable after thirty days. Funds held by the site for Clients will be held in a separate Client account and are not covered by insurance or any government agency scheme.


www.expertiise.com will act as the Agent of Payment between the Buyer (Client) and the Freelancer, thus discharging Buyer’s obligations relating to debts owed by Buyer to any Freelancer. www.expertiise.com agrees to make funds available to Freelancers within twenty four hours subject to anti-money laundering procedures. Freelancers will be able to withdraw funds subject to setting up a valid account to withdraw into, either bank account or other method as outlined on the payment options page. If we suspect any fraud or money laundering, we will withhold payment. Any attempt to collect payment from a Buyer by a Freelancer outside of this platform will result in account suspension or termination.


Buyers are entitled to the delivery of agreed work in exchange for paying the Freelancer the full agreed payment.


Freelancers and Buyers are asked upon signup to opt-in or out for notifications and will be contacted by the site in that regard as promotions or newsletters come available. All contact between Buyers and Freelancers must be done through the platform unless it is required to have alternate forms of contact, i.e. by telephone or email, in order to facilitate the Project. In line with GDPR and global data protection laws, Users are able to opt-in or opt-out as required and can be done through the Settings page.

2.User Accounts

Users (both Buyers and Freelancers) must use accurate information in creating their accounts. Accounts are either personal or used by a company as required, and Users are only allowed to have one account. Information in the profiles provided must be true and not misleading and must not contain direct contact information.

Accounts can be suspended or terminated for any of the following reasons as deemed appropriate by the website unilaterally with all determinations being final:

  • If any information cannot be verified or authenticated.
  • If your actions might cause us any liability, or any other User.

Users are responsible for keeping their passwords safe and for all use of their account. In line with UK Anti Money Laundering rules, we are unable to accept Users that are sanctioned or economically barred by any country, or if you live in North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria, or Crimea.


  1. Project delivery

3.1 Offers

When an offer on a Project is accepted, funds will be deposited by Buyer in an Escrow account managed by the site. Buyers are reminded to provide full requirements at the outset of the Project since if there is a dispute this is the information we will rely on to determine whether to accept or reject the dispute, and ultimately guides the Freelancer to finish the Project as the Buyer requires.

3.2 BespokeProjects

Bespoke Projects will have payment terms agreed between Freelancer and Buyer, either fixed rate, price per item, or hourly.

3.3 Per Hour Contracts

If the Project is paid hourly, Buyer is required to pay for all time rendered and not the time they perceive it should have taken the Freelancer to finish the Project as required. Any revisions must be paid for at the agreed hourly rate agreed between parties.

3.4 Protection for Freelancers

The Expertiise.com Freelancer Payment Protection will cover any hourly paid role that is tracked with the time tracker as long as the number of billed hours is not in excess of the hours defined by the Contract created between Buyer and Freelancer on the Project. Buyers agree to automatically pay for hours billed by Freelancer with a valid and authenticated Payment Method. If a Buyer rejects an invoice, they must file a dispute within 10 days and pay for the dispute to be moderated by the site, otherwise the escrow will release to the Freelancer if the Freelancer can show that the Buyer either did not request any revision after receipt of work or requested and received two revisions on the work subject matter of the Project.

3.3.2 BuyerProtection

Where a Buyer files a dispute and is able to show that the work did not meet the requirements after two revisions, they are able to gain a refund of the escrow. The site reserves the right to determine that both parties need to split the escrow in half or in any portion and the site will then release the escrow as determined.




3.4 Quality

Freelancers assure the quality of the work and agrees to address the revision requests Buyer makes, and the requirements set out at the beginning.

3.5 Copyright or Ownership

Buyer will own the Project output once the Project is paid for in full and until that time the Freelancer retains ownership. Freelancer understands that the work cannot be resold or used in the future and after being paid for by Buyer, will be the copyright of the Buyer. This includes any and all types of rights over the work in all forms.

  1. Payments

Users must have valid payment methods on their accounts in order to order any Project, and to withdraw funds. Invoices will be raised every 7 days automatically for the amount of time tracked by the Freelancer in any hourly paid Project. On fixed rate Projects, Freelancers must invoice Buyers at agreed periods, and Buyers can automatically release invoices by accepting their release upon receipt of invoice. If Buyers do not release invoice it will be done automatically after 7 days unless a dispute is filed.

Freelancer agrees not to invoice prior to agreed stages in the work process, which could be intermittently as agreed between parties or at the end of the Project.

The Expertiise.com team will process all payments and can provide Freelancers with express written permission to seek payment redress through alternate means, i.e. debt collection or court, should the Buyer circumvent the process resulting in not paying for agreed work. Both parties agree to keep all future work between them on the platform for the purpose of the Expertiise.com team to process for a period of XX years after first meeting between parties on platform. Any attempt by parties to circumvent the platform to work directly will result in suspension of account and possible legal recourse by the Expertiise.com team to recoup any real or perceived losses.

Payments are subject to SEPA regulation and to any overriding Financial Services regulation in the parties own jurisdictions. All payment methods must be in line with SEPA rules, i.e. valid and authenticated, owned by the party using it.



  1. Leaving Feedback

Parties are asked to provide feedback for each other at the end of each Project and to not be defamatory when doing so. Rating stars given affect the rank of the party on the site. Users have 60 days after the finish of the Project to leave feedback.

  1. Cancellations and refunds

Although the Buyer can request a cancellation, if the Freelancer has done work in good faith of the belief the agreed Project will continue until the end, the Freelancer is entitled to be paid for work rendered, either in full or in part. Reasons under which a Buyer can validly cancel a Project with no financial deductions from the escrow would be if the Freelancer did not respond within one day, did not do the work as requested after two revisions.

Refunds will only be given in line with these stipulations and if the Freelancer can be seen to have done work on the Project prior to the request to cancel by the Buyer, an agreement should be reached between parties for a part payment. If parties cannot agree on payment terms at a cancellation point, a dispute must be filed, or the Freelancer will gain the monies earned from the escrow by determination of the site. Refunds and disputes should only be last case scenarios and Expertiise.com anticipates that agreements made between parties will be upheld by both sides.

  1. Disputes

Disputes can be raised by either party, either after an invoice is rejected or if the work is not to the expected standard, or the Freelancer becomes uncontactable. There will be a charge for the dispute payable by the person filing the dispute at the time of filing, which is non-refundable. All decisions made by the Expertiise.com team on any disputes will be final and the site will disburse the escrow as determined under the dispute. Users agree to accept the site decision as final, and parties understand that their own compliance with the terms and conditions as it relates to specific Projects will be considered in the determination, i.e. did the Freelancer do the work, and to standard, and did the Client give full instructions at the outset which they didn’t change.

  1. Fees

Buyer Fees

Buyer fees will be determined as being XX or X% of the Project, as determined by Expertiise.com. There are extra fees relating to the payment method on file as can be seen below. (TAKE OUT PAYMENT METHODS THAT ARE NOT BEING USED ON SITE).

Payment method Service Fee
PayPal £0.6 + 10%
Credit / Debit card £0.6 + 10%
Skrill £0.6 + 10%
Alipay £0.6 + 10%
Qiwi Wallet £0.6 + 10%
TrustPay £0.6 + 10%
GiroPay £0.6 + 10%
Paysafecard £0.6 + 10%
Unionpay £0.6 + 10%
Bank transfer – Gold Members* 0%
Bank transfer – Silver Members* 2.5%
Bank transfer – Bronze Members* 5%

Service fees will be charged for the processing of invoices at XXX per invoice.

We offer an optional listing for a one-time fee per advertisement of XXX, which allows you to list the Project as urgent.

If an NDA is facilitated through the platform, an additional fee of XXX will apply. NDAs accessible through our site will be fully binding for the terms in which any similar NDA would hold.

Expertiise.com Expertise Fee

If you choose to ask for the site to help find a suitable candidate for your Project, we will charge an additional fee of XXX to invite qualified candidates on your behalf to be considered by you for the Project.

Fees relating to features Projects will be XXX, which allows Buyers to feature their Project for a reason other than being urgent.

Freelancer Fees

Expertiise.comcharges a tiered rate to Freelancers on Projects based on the amount earned between each Buyer and Freelancer, as below: XXXXXXX  ADD FEE STRUCTURE

XX amount of Free Credits will be given to each Freelancer on a monthly basis to apply for Projects. Freelancers are able to purchase further credits at the rate below: REVIEW FEE BELOW

credits GBP EUR USD
5 5.95 7.95 8.95
10 8.95 12.95 13.95
25 14.95 19.95 21.95
50 19.95 27.95 29.95

Fees are also charged to withdraw earnings to various payment methods, as can be seen below:


Withdrawal Currency Withdrawal Method Fee
GBP UK bank transfer No charge
GBP SEPA/Local Currency* £1.99
GBP International bank transfer £19.99
USD US bank transfer (ACH) No charge
USD SEPA/Local Currency* $2.99
USD International bank transfer $29.99
EUR SEPA/Local Currency* €1.99
EUR International bank transfer €19.99
GBP | USD | EUR PayPal 1.9%
GBP Payoneer £2
USD Payoneer $3
EUR Payoneer €2.5


Banks in SEPA currency zones will automatically convert your earnings to your local currency. If there is a reversal of payment from your payment method of choice, a further fee of XXX will be charged.

Expertiise.com reserves the right to charge transfer investigation fees for chargebacks or other problems which are incurred in the processing of any payment withdrawal.

If you request a currency conversion to be affected within the platform prior to transferring earnings, a fee of XXX% (normally 2.5%) will be charged.

Freelancers can earn XXX through the Expertiise.com Freelance Referral Program, which will allow each Freelancer a credit of XXX for every new Buyer or Freelancer which they refer to the site who completes their account, after the new signup completes their first Project.